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Most Healthy and Tasty Drinks of Summers

Let’s talk about summer healthy drinks today. Summers is not all about scorching heat, tanning, sweating etc , it’s actually a season in which different varieties of vegetables and fruits comes. We can indulge into the deliciously healthy fruits and vegetables but to make things easy we can go for different varieties of summer drinks. Summers drinks will not only give you the important proteins and vitamins but will also refresh after a whole day of work. Some of the best summer drinks are given below which you should try to get over the heating effects.

Summer Drinks Made From Fruits

As we know fruits are not only important for our body but it is also important for our healthy skin. Raspberry lemonade drink goes best with the summers in which you get the refreshing lemons and raspberry that gives your body a soothing affect. Mixed fruits drink can surely be easiest one and goes well with ice cubes. Banana honey shake and mango slushie may go with increase in calories but they are definitely good for health. Pomegranate juice and raw mango juice which is quite famous for its health benefits. Watermelon juice along with lemon is a best drink against the scorching heat as it hydrates the body and maintains minerals balance in our body. Papaya juice and pineapple juice is also are good summer drinks to go for.

Summer Drinks Made From Vegetables

We usually take vegetables in our diet as raw or cooked but they can form great drinks of summers which are as beneficial as raw and cooked. Vegetables drinks not taste as good as the fruits drinks but they are definitely healthy for us in many ways. Splashing cucumber drinks are best for summers and it also tastes good, it keeps our body hydrated. Tomato juice, cabbage, carrot, celery, lemon, stinging nettles are some vegetable that makes great, delicious and healthy drinks of summers. Beetroot is another vegetable which is often used as a summer drink by many. Beetroot juice is important as it provide minerals that maintain body balance and various mechanisms.

Other Summer Drinks

Green tea or ice green tea is a new drink for summers. Green tea known for its benefits to the human body is now most preferred summer drink as it not only provide vitamins but also refresh the body. Some healthy and tasty fruits and alcoholic cocktails are also used as summer drinks these days.

Written by Health Manager

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