Best Healthy Drinks for Kids

The row over soda ban has given rise to debate about how much far government must go encouraging healthier lifestyle. Whether you believe in a direct intervention such as the soda ban, the fact is difficult to refute: Lot of processed sugar is contributor to obesity epidemic, particularly amongst the kids.

Even juices that lots of parents offer as supposedly healthy alternatives to sodas are not consequence-free exactly. Fruit juices are high in sugar especially and low in some other essential nutrients such as fiber, in comparison to whole fruits. However, soda and juices aren’t the only available options out there. Here are a few healthy options to try with kids.


It is the best option for any kids’ drink. It could be consumed anytime by them and as frequently as required. You always can add a lemon or orange slice to flavor that if your kids defy drinking sufficient of it.

Milk or its alternatives

This is another drink which can be offered daily. Kids need lots of vitamin D and calcium. You must give your children whole milk until age of two and then cut down to 2% or even less. Daily requirements of calcium for toddlers are around 700 milligrams per day or about 2-3 cup of milk; younger or pre-school kids (4 to 8) require 800 mg/day or around 3 cups, and elder kids (9 to 18) require 1300 mg/day or four cups. However, a few kids are somewhat allergic to dairy products, or refuse to consume milk. Try soy, rice or hemp milks: Ensure to search for calcium-fortified milks.

Flavored milk (DIY)

This is a wonderful way to flavor out milk for kids that don’t love the taste. Strawberries are also great source for vitamin C.

The Recipe for Strawberry Milk 

2 cups milk

1/2 cup strawberry

Blend until the berries get pureed

Coconut water

It is lower in sugar and higher in potassium, electrolytes and antioxidants. Ensure to avoid sports recovery drinks which promote coconut water. Either purchase the coconut water or just get it right from the source.

Herbal teas

These teas can taste superb and lots of them have medicinal qualities which can help your child. One of our preferred bedtime teas can be chamomile. It calms nerves and GI tract. Try consuming it warm with teaspoon of honey. Nettles are an astounding source of nutrients such as iron, calcium, zinc and potassium. Nettles are supportive for childhood asthma, rehydrating and toning the complete body.

Written by Health Manager

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